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The BYLA board and coaches have been working diligently through the offseason to bring yet another exciting season of lacrosse to the kids. Due to the popularity of youth lacrosse, BYLA has experienced a significant growth. We must cap the number of teams we can accommodate. In order for each player to receive the coaching attention and playing time they deserve, there is a limit to the number of players on each team. 

Burlington Youth Lacrosse program has been built on the principles of learning and sportsmanship, not competition and trophies. There are no standings kept, no league championship or playoffs. We play all players as equally as possible with the goal of teaching the sport and providing a fun experience for all involved. There are no try outs or cuts. 

We do offer additional competitive teams for our U13 and U15 Boys under the Burlington Select program.


BYLA Raffle Calendar

by Tanya Ikier posted 05/05/2017
BYLA Fundraiser


BYLA 2017 Raffle Calendar Fundraising Event

For every day in June, that’s 31 days, a winner will be drawn to win the item of the day. Drawings will be done weekly. Calendar tickets cost $5 each. Tickets will be sold between May 1st – 15th.

This year we have prizes from Tony C’s, King’s Bowling, Buffalo Wild Wing’s and many more. In addition to the prizes we will also be giving out cash! The calendar will be posted to


Coaches will be handing out the tickets to the players this weekend please be on the lookout for your envelope. We appreciate the help and support each player and parent provides to the league!




Why BYLA does a raffle

  • ·         Avoid raising registration fees, when expenses go up every year (league fees, equipment/ball cost, uniform cost, officials fees, etc)
  • ·         Indoor practice/gym time (March)
  • ·         New Equipment
  • ·         Keep the boys select team registration fees   affordable
  • ·         BYLA Scholarships
  • ·         Fund the free BYLA Family Day

by Tanya Ikier posted 04/29/2017
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